Parents Testimonials

They have helped out a lot with teaching my son how to feed himself say his number and alphabet. They also are really good with creative activities. - Kandise V. on 07/17/2019

We are very happy with Kiddie Academy! Our daughter is thriving and learns so much. - Cassie H. on 07/17/2019

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. My son is excited to go to school every day. - Jayden M. on 07/17/2019

Friendly positive teachers. Classrooms full of learning activities and creative projects for kids to do. - Lauren M. on 07/17/2019

I have been very happy with Kiddie Academy, I think the teachers do a great job with my little one. Very caring and although she can be a bit emotional I think they do a great job with her. I've already recommended several times. - Rebecca H. on 07/17/2019

The women are very nice and friendly and my child likes going to school. - Taylor B. on 07/17/2019

Great facility and wonderful teachers! - Michael M. on 07/17/2019

I love how the teachers are with the kids, how they acknowledge there feelings and come down to there level instead of ordering them around. - Laura L. on 07/17/2019

Teachers are great! - Erin T. on 07/17/2019

All the activities! My daughter is very proud to show off her art work. Also, the patient and friendly teachers. - Sandy L. on 07/17/2019

Our girls LOVE going here! - Rolanda G. on 07/17/2019

My child is in room #4 and absolutely loves her teachers! Especially Ms. Katie . They are all so sweet , caring and Patient. I love the learning experience she is getting along with all the physical activities they do. They make it all so fun for the kids . Her classroom is so structured. There’s no better feeling that knowing your child is in great hands! As for the whole staff, they are super welcoming as well. I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy in Robbinsville, NJ! - Gina B. on 07/17/2019

Friendly staff and her development is pretty good. - Mervin H. on 07/17/2019

Everyone is so friendly. they treat your child like they would their own. Such a happy place! - Amanda L. on 07/17/2019

Everything - Jennifer L. on 07/17/2019